In the Mouth of the Shark is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign set in a world based on the alternate Earth of Guy Gavriel Kay's "Under Heaven", "The Last Light of the Sun" and "The Lions of Al-Rassan." The story follows a group of refugees from a cataclysmic disaster on the Mediterranean Island of Aeaea. 

For further geographical information:


Do not create an "educated" character for this campaign unless you can commit to reading at least one of the sourcebooks listed above in its entirety. I will expect players running truly scholarly characters to assist with world building.


Non-human races occupy specific ecological niches within this world. Dwarves live underground, Elves in specific hostile and untamable forest lands, Halflings in a shire-like civilization on the corollary to the Orkney Islands, Tieflings in the Sahara Desert, and Gnomes in the deep underground (see Lewis' The Silver Chair for inspiration). Half-orcs can be half-any-monster, feel free to reskin as desired but mechanically use the rules as printed (there is no half-orc civilization). Half elves live either as elves or as humans, rarely with both parents as neither race is well suited to living in the biome of the other. 


As in the source material, most humans are either Jaddites (like Christians, but sun worshipers, and their god is a warrior), Asharites (like Islam, but sun worshippers) or Kindath (like Jews but worship the two moons of this world). A healthy amount of paganism and ancestor worship exists in those areas it would be expected based on medieval history – Vikings have a specifc paganism depicted in The Last Light of the Sun, for instance. 


There are no class restrictions or modifications. 


Your level one character will be starting on the Mediterranean Isle of Aeaea. It is home to a flourishing civilization with universities, markets, and holy places. Please have an idea of what it is your character is doing there.

In the Mouth of the Shark

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