Shabkana Khatun

Half-Orc Barbarian




The daughter of a human barbarian chieftan from the desert steppes northeast of Ammuz, she never knew her own half-orc mother but was protected by her father;
trained in combat but wild of spirit she often left the main village of her people to ride out among the far reaches to hunt and fight with the half-orc nomads still thriving beyond
the cities.
Her mixed race and wild ways caused disputes within rival factions of her people. As punishment for defying her father and disrupting the stability of her family, she was betrothed to the crippled son of another great warlord, to secure a peace.
The untimely betrayal of that warlord, in alliance with powerful forces to the east, spared her the fate of an arranged marriage.
Taken hostage during the fighting, she later managed to escape with the aid of a Kindath cleric from the far lands of Trakesia who was searching for a legendary artifact rumored to be among her people. They fled, along with the artifact, to the coast, where they secured passage on a Sauradian trading ship. The cleric taught her the basics of a common tongue as they traveled, since her own language was barely understood outside her home. Once away, she chose to remain on the ship, making her way on the seas and ships, finding a new kind of freedom.
Eventually she found herself in port on the island of Aeaea; working in a warehouse by the ports, perhaps learn more of the world, and gain strength and skills to perhaps one day
avenge the betrayal of her people.

Shabkana Khatun

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