Definitely not a pirate. Nope.


Rogue 2 / Monk 1

STR +2; DEX +3; CON +2; INT -1; WIS +3; CHA +2

AC 16
HP 24

Acrobatics 5, Athletics 4, Deception 4, Perception 5, Persuasion 6, Sleight of Hand 7

Cool Stuff:
5 small moonstones (6 gp/ea)
1 ruby (75 gp)
1 pair of pearl earrings (30 gp)
1 Intricately-decorated scimitar (70 gp)
1 poison ampule


Rogue, sailor, sometimes pirate, gambler, skirt-chaser, embellisher of tales, carouser, chronically unable to behave.

Pearl talks a fancy-free game, but her life has been pretty hard. She grew up with nothing, escaped to sea as a youngster from her wretched life as an urchin in a cosmopolitan city, and has had to hustle for every morsel of food for most of her life. When she has good fortune it fades quickly because she’s a self-sabotaging train wreck of bad habits and poor impulse control.

It is that difficult life which drives her devil-may-care behavior. What are they going to do, throw me in the street? Take my money? Beat me up? Been there.

Pearl sort of falls into doing things that seem profitable at the moment, and is fantastically good at getting along on the coaxed generosity of others, not exactly scamming people (though she will) but she’s charming and good at getting people to extend themselves for her. That said, she is generous when she’s got money, as she’s terrible at holding onto her coins and loves to live (momentarily) big.


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